Monday, 15 February 2010

You couldn't make it up...

In my previous Blog I often pondered the unscrupulous goings on of our countires bankers and politicians, but after discovering it made one rather miserable I scrapped it and began anew with the Blog you see here now. Unfortunately a recent development has come to my attention I simply couldn't let go.

Lloyds Banking Group, as it is now known, is to hand out millions of pounds in bonuses to five executive directors irrespective of their performance last year, (their buying of HBOS, a move which brought the group to its knees and one that cost the tax payer millions of pounds, for example). The bitterest pill to swallow? Top director for the Lloyds Banking Group, one Eric Daniels, could be paid as much as 10 million pounds in bonuses. 10 MILLION POUNDS!

One question: Why don’t I get a massive bonus when I royally balls things up?

Oh and the Government’s stance? Well, they’re keeping a low profile about the whole issue. Surprise, surprise.

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