Sunday, 14 February 2010

Richie Potter-AKA Spurt-Reynolds-Minis

This fantastic work here is by Richard Potter, (click on pics for a closer look).

Rich was a studio painter for Gamesworkshop who I came to know and became good friends with during my time in the Gloucester GW store. Working in the studio alongside some of the best mini painters around at the time, Rich finely tuned his own skills as painter and modeller and without his guidance I would, as he would often say, "still be painting miniatures with my feet..."

The above mini, (like a lot of Richard's work), has been heavily modded using a mixture of other models and green stuff, (the modelling putty predominantly used in mini sculpting), and won him a note of commendation at GW's anual Golden Demon painting competition.

Rich actually worked on a lot of this mini at my old flat in Gloucester, (inbetween bouts of Goldeneye and my ever lasting bottle of 'White Lightening' cider).

Bizarrely this Ghoul has a 'brown stain' on the rear where its bowls have apparently empted from being somewhat dead. At least that was Richie's explanation....

Richard predominantly paints, mods and builds Transformers these days, of which you can see via the link to his Deviant Art page on the left. Well worth a look, even if you're just curious.

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