Friday, 20 July 2012

Rio Rollins Tachibana - Black Jack/DOA

So I've been doodling again.

In case you're wondering this character is from the Black Jack & Dead Or Alive series of video games.

The pic isn't an original, it's largely based on a pic from one of my favourite anime artists, Koutaroand as such thought it would be a good starting point to get me back into drawing and painting Manga/Anime.

Unlike the original I've used acrylics as opposed to PC based art package, however I fully intend to start getting to grips with various art packages in due course.

Having said that I'll continue to use traditional techniques because I'm old school. Anyway, hope you like it and expect more soon as.

(PS. Unfortunately scanners don't really do this sort of thing justice. As you might expect the colours look far richer in the flesh, particularly the lightly coloured background I did in pencil crayon. But there ya go...)