Friday, 5 November 2010

Kinect: Is your house compatible?

Thinking of splashing out a £129.99 on a shiny new Microsoft Kinect for your Xbox 360 next week? Well before you do you might want to check to see if you're living room/bedroom/gaming room is big enough, because if it's not then Kinect simply won't work properly and you can forget about two player gaming altogether. Hit the link below and have a watch of this rather revealing vid from Gamesradar.

Oh dear, my house is not compatible with Kinect

Even if I wanted Kinect it wouldn't work in my house because while it may be a three bedroom there simply isn't enough room for it to work at it's optimal capacity in my living room. Also, I'm not going to start moving the bloody sofas and whatnot about just to play some party games, not when I've got boxes of the kids toys already behind one and a unit with a fish tank behind the other.

If you find yourself in a similar position my advice is to stick with the Nintendo Wii or buy Playstation Move instead because Kinect could end up just being an expensive waste of time. Remember, GAME, HMV, PC World and pretty much all the other retailers don't do refunds on non-faulty goods and they certainly won't refund your Kinect just because your house isn't the right size for it.


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