Monday, 11 October 2010

My Dying Bride

So, I’ve spent the best part of this evening burning all my CD's from my favourite band, My Dying Bride, then converting my favourite tracks to my phone. Being as I have their entire discography on original CD's it's been a mammoth task I can tell you. I've been a My Dying Bride fan since 1992 and while I don't get chance to see them live these days due to other, obvious commitments, (last time was at Derby on a friends stag do in 2006 where I got a drunken, 'metal face' photo-see below-with front man Aaron Stainthorpe and guitarist Hamish Glencross), I continue to be an avid fan. Even the wife, who has no idea who they are, surprised me one Christmas with their live DVD, Sinamorata, which was filmed at atHof Ter Lo in Antwerp in 2003. Bless her.

After meeting them and discovering that they're really sound guys who not only appreciate their fans, but who also have a lot of time for them regardless of age and who you are, my own appreciation for their music soared. May they long continue.

Yeah, a lot of booze was consumed that day and if my memory serves me correctly I'm sure I hit the deck in the mosh pit. Getting to old for that shit now-moshing, that is. Doesn't look quite as good with thinning hair either...

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