Monday, 18 October 2010

7outof10 Needs You!

Whilst we’d normally be happy to offer up our consistent dribble of content onto the front page in the hope that some of you come back; we’ve recently caught a gust of windy motivation here at 7outof10 towers, and feel empowered – nay, driven – to bring those of you that gaze skyward along for the ride.

If you’re at all interested in writing about videogames – whether it’s reviews, previews, features, interviews, or the diaries of a real-life Katamari – please get in touch and you could soon have your own little graphical box on the front page. It might even have a number next to it, at which point all of your personal validation issues will instantly disappear, and life will become solely about fluffy kittens and dreamy comment unicorns.

We’re looking for anybody with a passion and aptitude for the task, and if you have any interesting ideas for content we’re open to suggestion and positively brimming with encouragement. We can’t offer payment just yet, but we can offer life-affirming feedback and the occasional free game, both of which – in this economic climate – are invaluable.

So, if any of that sounds like you (and particularly if you are a comment unicorn) drop us an email to:

Get to it!

Emmanuel Brown

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