Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Video Game Character of the Month

A new blog and a new category. And what better way to start said category than with one of the many [disturbingly] lovely ladies of popular video game beat 'em up 'Dead or Alive'.

Rio is a new character who has been introduced in a recent release for the Playstation Portable, DOA: Paradise. For those of you who don't know, DOA: Paradise is yet another installment from the often dubious series of Dead or Alive spin offs involving beach volleyball, photo shoots, gambling and an assortment of other mini games.

Rio plays the role of dealer in the DOA Paradise casino where games from Poker to Roulette are yours to enjoy and make some cash to spend on the island. Like with all of the DOA ladies in the series, you can also take some [rather questionable] photos of Rio relaxing by the pool and whatnot. DOA Beach Volleyball, (and the sequential games that followed it), is all about chilling out, taking your time and relaxing; it certainly makes a change from all the blood, guts and guns that currently dominates the western video game market. Only in Japan could a game like this ever come into existance, and that's why they're a joy to play.

Sadly there has been no official announcement of another DOA fighter since DOA 4, (which was one of the Xbox 360's more solid launch titles), but if developer/publisher TECMO are anything to go by, even in the absence of Dead or Alives' creator and lead designer, Tomonobu Itagaki, then they won't let up on a chance to introduce Rio-and no doubt her own unique selection of costumes-into the combat arena.

Pfft, who needs Lara Croft.

Beautifully drawn, wonderfully animated, technically brilliant and with easily the best multi-tiered fighting arenas of the genre, the Dead or Alive series, (overly sexualised female protagonists aside), remains one of the best 3D fighters on the market.

Here's hoping for Dead or Alive 5...

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