Sunday, 7 February 2010

Great Movie Characters

Released in 1987 and directed by Joel Schumacher, The Lost Boys was a hugely successful comedy/horror about a mother and her two sons who move to Santa Carla to begin a new life unaware that Santa Carla has been coined by the locals as the ‘murder capital of the world’. The youngest of the sons, Sam, (Corey Haim), stumbles on a comic shop run by eccentric brothers, Edgar and Alan Frog, (Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander respectively), or as they’re commonly known as ‘The Frog Brothers’. The Frog Brothers believe that the disappearances’ in town is largerly down to vampires and so feel it’s their duty to destroy these evil creatures in the name of ‘truth, justice and the American way’.
"As a matter of fact, we're almost certain that ghouls and werewolves occupy high positions at City Hall."

Naturally Sam is dubious, but after he begins to notice that his older brother Michael, (Jason Patric), has adopted some very uncharacteristic habits; sleeping all day, sensitive to sunlight and an episode of bloodlust, Sam contacts The Frog Brothers.
Amusingly enough, for all they’re eccentricities and macho posturing it transpires that they [The Frog Brothers] were right all the time; Santa Carla is in fact host to a plague of vampires. While The Lost Boys is a highly entertaining and amusing film throughout with great writing, direction and acting, (particularly from bike gang leader/vampire, Kiefer Sutherland -aka Jack Bauer), ultimately it’s The Frog Brothers that steal the show. A couple of bumbling, but incredibly brave would-be-heroes, Edgar and Alan Frog are one of the best comedy film duo’s to come out of the 1980’s.



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