Thursday, 14 January 2010

Not all Commodore computers were success stories...

The Commodore +4. That was my first games machine. A great little computer but with two major draw backs:
1) It wasn't as popular as the C64 and Spectrum, which all my so called 'friends' had.

2) The only good games for it were those that came with it, about 20 all told.

Still, niether of those two setbacks didn't stop me from hammering the absolute hell out of it for an entire year .
My Mother and Father, seeing that even though there were less and less games to be found for the C+4 as the months went by and that I had fully appreciated my Christmas present by being happy to play those games I did have, decided to buy me a Spectrum 128+2 the following Christmas.
By that point that though video gaming was wholly considered the pastime of geeks and nerds and so it didn't matter which computer/console you owned you were ripe for a beating from your non-gaming peers. Ho hum.

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